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Dhow Cruise New Year's Eve

Dhow Cruise New Year's Eve


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3 Hours


Dubai Marina

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Buffet Dinner

BBQ 5 Stars

New Year’s Eve is All About Welcoming the Upcoming Year With Enthusiasm and Creating Lasting Memories. Dubai Transforms Into a Spectacular Sight on This Special Night, Adorned With Dazzling Lights and Bustling With Celebrants. We’re Here to Assist You in Orchestrating an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve Celebration. Our Holiday Packages and Tours for New Year’s Eve Can Be Tailored to Your Preferences. Whether You Desire Exquisite Dining Experiences, Breathtaking Fireworks Displays, or the Perfect Party With Your Loved Ones, We’ve Got You Covered.

Whether You’re Seeking a Memorable New Year’s Celebration in Dubai Marina or Looking Forward to Cruising With Your Loved Ones, We Have the Perfect Dhow Cruise Experience for You. As You Embark on Your Cruise, You’ll Be Treated to a Mesmerizing Display of Dubai’s Dazzling New Year’s Fireworks, Complemented by a Delightful Buffet and Live Entertainment to Make It an Extraordinary Family Affair.

Dubai’s New Year Festivities Are Renowned for Their Opulence and Are Eagerly Anticipated by All. On New Year’s Eve, Dubai Marina Transforms Into a Stunning Spectacle, With the Entire City Adorned in Festive Lights and Brimming With Entertainment. Our New Year Party at Dhow Cruise Marina Offers You the Chance to Sail on Traditional Boats, Savor Delectable Cuisine, and Partake in Other New Year’s Delights. Witness the Grandeur of the Fireworks From the Dhow Cruise and Relish the Spectacular View of the City.

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